Be Part of the Building

Short Term Missions

You can be part of our ministries and experience it first hand via short term missions. By staying here in the Philippines for a short while, you can be with us as we teach the children, have fun with the young people and establish the lives of people. Contact us for the arrangement of your trips.


Medical Mission 
ROL churches stand in the poor community in the country where medical needs are neglected. Aside from providing spiritual help to these people, we are envisioning a mobile clinic/hospital that will share health/medical attention to these people (especially kids) to help them grow well and healthy.
We are starting to build fund (approx $50,000.00) to purchase the actual mobile medical bus and commence this project. For the meanwhile, our team is doing medical missions in our church communities using medicines donated by the initial supporters of this project.

College Scholarships 
Philippines is a third world nation with a lot of people under the poverty line. We are ministering to these people and we believe that getting an education can lift up their standard of living and accelerate the value of their life. By giving them chance to live by successfully out of crippling poverty, we are raising up new breed of people who are committed in helping others achieve education and to be successful also. College tuition fees in the Philippines cost around $400~$600 a year and with that investment we can already build a network chain of successful people and effective church builders.