Author: Jeffrey Datangel


More Souls! More Churches

By Jeffrey Datangel “We have 5 congregations and 5 pastors in the Philippines.” Much of the people we cater to are people urban poverty, everyday it is just a struggle to survive. John 10:10 said...


Weather Proofing Our Place of Worship! (River of Life Mahayhay)

No more muddy  church service, nor shielding from strong winds. The Philippines has a dozen storms every year. Pastor Augusto Dimajutoc led the  construction of the new church building since 2016, now with concrete flooring...


River of Life Mahayhay’s New and Bigger Building

Before it’s just a tiny 20 square meter closely packed church structure, now we have moved to a bigger building. It is very timely because our population is growing and we need more space. We...


Can we plant 100 churches by 2026?

Our church was founded through a vision that we will be a missionary sending nation in the Philippines and a beach head Asia as well.Through  the Tappan family, from Montana United States of America.They laid the...


Thank You! –from River of Life Churches Philippines!

No words can express our gratitude to those who made these possible. Thank You! –from River of Life Churches Philippines!

More Souls, More Churches 0

More Souls, More Churches

This is our vision for 2012. I believe God will bring an acceleration in evangelism for the church. We have been sitting for so long. We need to catch fish! More Souls- we need to...