RiverRiver of Life Cainta

River of Life Cainta is the heart of the River of Life Family Churches. Established last 1992 from just small huts on muddy ground with just 10 to 20 people, it grows into family of 100 to 200 people hosted on a 100 sqm 2 storey building.

The main expansion and growth of this church was started when Pastor Micheal Tappan (from LIFT, Inc., Biyayang Gawain Missions) took over as the head pastor and initiates all the training and building of the people. Pastor Mike emphasizes on building relationships and discipling people. He said that people is the building block (like hollow blocks or bricks) used to build the church. The church is stronger when the blocks and the ties between them are strong.

Right now, ROL Cainta is being pastor-ed by Pastor Jeffrey Datangel who is also a full time physical th
erapist followed by a group of dedicated leaders to support the growing ministry.

River of Life Cainta holds the center of the River of Life Family headquarters of AIBI (Ang Ilog ng Buhay, Inc).






River of Life Cainta and River of Life Cainta is under Ang Ilog ng Buhay, Inc.